Cruft - (occasionally kruft) is jargon for computer software, computer hardware or internet information of poor quality. The term originates from software code that is rewritten leaving irrelevant or unwanted data within the code.

  • RFDuino (a long-term post)

    I got my RFDuino in today (, if you aren't familiar with it don't worry. The RFDuino is a scaled down

  • ASP.NET MVC AJAX Action Button (Unobtrusive)

    It's been a while since I've made a post, mostly because I've been busy and mostly because I usually post information I feel will be helpful to others. Today I want to share a snip

  • Calculating Signal Strength on Telit GPRS Module

    I currently have a project in the works that incorporates the Telit862 Quad GPRS module. After having some issues with signal quality in my area I decided it would be good for me t

  • Uptime app for Windows Phone 7

    So I got bored the other evening and decided to create an application for my Windows Phone. I decided I wanted to know how long my phone had been on and set out to create an uptime

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